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There is a big increase in fly tipping in Starston, especially in Rushall Road between Crane’s Watering Farm and Harleston, Church Hill and the top of Dickey Hill. Please keep your eyes open and if you see anyone dumping rubbish try and make a note of their registration number. Incidents of fly tipping should be reported to South Norfolk Council on their web site: http://forms.south-norfolk.gov.uk/pub/FlyTipping.ofml  with details of the specific road where the rubbish has been left. If you do not have access to the internet then you can phone South Norfolk Council on 0800 389 6109.

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Please see the Parish Council Meeting dates for 2017 on the PARISH COUNCIL PAGES of the website or click HERE.

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Please go to the Parish Council pages and see the new updates from

  • Norfolk County Council.
  • Rural Services Network
  • Norfolk Police
  • CPRE
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Please click HERE for more information from Norfolk Police.

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Please click HERE for more information.

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Please click HERE for the Norfolk Police update on ‘shed break in’s’ in South Norfolk.

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Please click HERE to see the latest news update from Norfolk County Council.

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Please click HERE for more details on the GIVE AND TAKE – REUSE EVENT that is on Friday 9 December 2016

What time: Items can be dropped off between 9am and 3pm

Items can be taken away between 11am and 3pm

Where: Hempnall Village Hall, Bungay Road, Hempnall, NR15 2NG

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A message from your Police and Crime Commissioner, Lorne Green

As your Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), it’s my job to set the policing budget for Norfolk and, with it, how much you contribute through council tax.

60% of Norfolk’s policing budget is funded by the Government; your council tax contribution makes up the rest. With such a significant contribution coming from your pocket, I want all Norfolk residents to have a say on how that funding is used.

Please spare a few minutes to take my online survey.


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Just a reminder that the closing date for entries to the Pigeon post Short Story Competition is 30th November. The rules and entry form are available on the Pigeon Post section of the village website or in hard copy from Michael Bartlett or Sue Moore.

writer-clip-artI do hope you will have a go. It really is quite fun and with a maximum of 1000 words it is achievable even if you have not written a story before. The key thing is to get an idea and then find a good opening, one that grabs the attention of the reader. Your idea might be a total invention, or it might be the re-telling of something that actually happened to you, or you might take something that happened to you or someone you know as a starting point and then develop it into a different outcome.

One of the joys of fiction is that it allows you to make life work as you think it should work not how it actually does. You can write conversations you wish you had had and make them turn out the way you would like them to. There is a short story in a recent collection of mine in which I solve the speeding problems in a small village in a highly effective and amusing way. Oh, if only real life were that simple.

We write down made up stories to tell the truths we wish we could say out loud.




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