My Starston Roots

In May this year (2017) my husband, Dennis, and I came to Starston from our home in Massachusetts. My trip to Starston was about as magical a visit as I could have dreamed up. I was so excited to be going. I’d met Michael via the Starston Village internet home page. He connected me with Rosemary who would be showing me round St. Margaret’s and pointing out my Great-Grandmother’s headstone, Mary Jane Collins Lubbock.

School and Pub

Starston School and Pub

You see, my roots in Starston. run deep. My Great-Grandfather, Edward Lubbock, had been Head Gardener on the Taylor property. I didn’t know the particulars until Rosemary revealed them to me. She had gathered census data and pictures, researched and copied, formulated her thoughts around the Lubbock family history and laid them all out on Michael and Dee’s patio table to present them to me. Before meeting Rosemary, I’d known, since a little girl, that my mother, Marion and her mother, Olive, were born in the same house in the little village of Starston. They lived with my Great-Grandfather until my mother was 6. She attended the little schoolhouse, her teacher was Ethel, also her Godmother, and later in life my mother would live with Ethel while she transitioned her life to California (where I was born).

Starston Place

Starston Place

The initial greeting by Julian, from one Great-Grandchild to another, was such an unexpected pleasure. When Dennis and I toured the church with Rosemary and Julian I found myself transported in time. Here, my Grandparents, Olive Jane Lubbock and John Moorey, were married and my Mother was christened. Next we were shown village photos from Julian’s family album, of all those living on Starston Place in the 1920’s, then we toured round the property to learn how it once was and how it all functions now. Michael and Dee had kindly extended an invitation to lunch and it was there that we met Norman. I felt so welcomed and comfortable with them and felt as if it had been meant to be.

My mother’s time in Starston was described to me in a rather idyllic way, I had images in my mind of mother picking berries down by the stream and walking in the woods, her favorite things to do. She told me her grandfather was the kindest, most gentle man and she loved him dearly. I had visions of a village of peace and beauty.

This is exactly how I experienced Starston. There was grace and beauty everywhere I looked. It all truly was a dream come true and I will carry the memories forever. Even better, I will be maintaining my connection with my new friends and keeping up with village events via the Pigeon Post. How blessed I have been. Thank you.

Roxanne Lyman