The Jubilee Hall Story

Starston Jubilee Hall – the village hall – is one of the main amenities of our village. In the 1970s, with the imminent loss of the Rectory Room due to the vacant Rectory being put up for sale, a small committee of volunteers was formed to acquire a site for a new village hall. Volunteers, both in the parish and outside, worked very hard over the next ten years to purchase the Rectory’s fine Victorian cowshed, convert it to a small hall and equip it so Starston could have a meeting place that was independent of both the church and the parish council. The hall was opened in 1978 and in 1980 it won an award from the Norfolk Society in recognition of its contribution to the conservation and improvement of the countryside.

Jubilee Hall 2Starston Jubilee Hall is a registered charity and is run by 5 Trustees supported by a Management Committee. To this day these volunteers work very hard to raise funds, not only to maintain and improve the fabric of the building, but to meet its running costs: insurance, heating, lighting, cleaning, repairs and so on. A significant contribution to the running costs of the hall comes from the Starston 100 Club and, since 1999, there has also been a small annual grant from the Parish Council.

Jubilee Hall Celebration

Jubilee Hall Celebration

In 2015 the Hall secured grants from the National Lottery and several charitable trusts which enabled a major renovation programme to take place. Rotten beams and bargeboards were replaced, damp proofing was carried out, new windows and doors were fitted and the electrics were improved. This work was done to a high standard by professionals. Volunteers then moved in to redecorate internally. The result of this work is a building which is sound, weatherproof, has better energy efficiency and is much more comfortable for all who use it. In addition car parking was increased at the front of the building. The successful completion of the project was marked by a village celebration on 6 May 2016.

Apart from social events organised by the management committee and friends, the hall is available for anyone to hire. The Hall can be hired privately for small family parties, meetings or similar occasions and the management committee are always open to suggestions for other events that can be held there. The Starston Jubilee Hall is an attractive building but it is the event that makes a place, not just the fabric. It stands in the centre of the village and is a place where people can gather and meet each other.

If you feel the current events are not for you, then why not suggest something that is and perhaps it can be arranged. Every event, every hiring, raises a bit more money to help keep the Hall going and more importantly makes sure this facility is well used.

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