Pigeon Post Annual Report

Pigeon Post Report for Annual Village Meeting – May 2017 

The Magazine: There is very little to say about Pigeon Post other than we continue to produce a 28 page edition every month which goes to every household in Starston free of charge. At present we are still managing to cover our costs through advertising revenue, as well as providing the prize money for last autumn’s short story competition and for the forthcoming photo competition.

However, producing and distributing a magazine of this quality every month is extremely time consuming and from June 2017 items for inclusion will only be accepted on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. With only two Editors, both of whom effectively have full time jobs, this is the only way forward and even this may not be enough. It is quite possible that in the near future we will have to reduce Pigeon Post to 6 editions a year, one every two months, as the monthly workload is now almost impossible. I must thank the rest of the volunteer team – Treasurer, Advertising Manager and the team of Distributors – for all their hard work and commitment, but the bulk of the work inevitably falls on the two Editors and it is difficult to see how this can continue.

Village Web Site: Although the website is not the direct responsibility of Pigeon Post we do keep an eye on it and it would seem that it is gradually being used by more people to keep abreast of local information on a day to day basis. The Events list is particularly useful. A reminder that anyone can register on the site and can then add information to the Home Page that is of use or interest to the village as a whole.

Michael Bartlett
Co-ordinating Editor
Pigeon Post


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