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Progress Report for December 2017

Since we were awarded the initial grant by The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF)there has been quite a lot of activity relating to the project. We appointed Nicholas Warns Architects Ltd (NWA)., to coordinate and manage the practical side i.e. organising consultants to carry out surveys on bat population, asbestos, and the history of the church building. The historian’s archaeological report, in full, is available on request.

An “opening up” survey has been completed when close inspection of the stonework, the roofs, stone facings and plasterwork on the walls, the tower and guttering etc. took place. More recently, in connection with the proposed installation of a toilet in the tower, an investigation was made to determine the most practical method of waste disposal. NWA have drawn up detailed plans and drawings identifying what work needs to be done and where and a number of photographs have been taken to clearly illustrate this. A selection of these photos is included with this report (See above). In addition a display has been put in the church showing photographs and architectural drawings of the proposed works to be carried out. To make the interior of the church more user friendly to the wider community the pews on the North side of the church will be removed and a new floor installed. In addition the organ will be adapted and moved into the chancel where it will be warmer and less prone to dampness and thus more comfortable for the organist.

Final draft drawings have been prepared and have been submitted to HLF for their approval following which a short-list of specialist builders will be invited to submit tenders for the restoration work.

The PCC have also been active not only on the fund raising aspect of the project but also to meet our commitment to wider community use of the church. Following the press release which was well received and covered by the local press an application was  made for a concert organised by “Music in Country Churches”, an organisation sponsored by HRH The Prince of Wales,  in partnership with Pulham St Mary church. Subject to final details we have been successful in securing a concert for the summer of 2019. This should not only generate a significant sum but also provide good publicity in the local community for our longer term projects.

In August we held our annual village Fete & Barbecue. Thanks to a special effort this year due to increased publicity and a special raffle we raised £2,660, more than double our usual total. Other fund raising events are being formulated and grants applied for.  Recently, the PCC has been awarded a grant of £10,000 by The Norfolk Churches Trust and we are hopeful of a further small grant from the Sir Nicholas Bacon Trust.

From a more community oriented aspect, now that we have the conservation report from the historian we are able to continue work on the content of an information leaflet/booklet and welcome notice board for the churchyard.

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