A Brief History Of Starston

This brief history of Starston was written by Roy Riches in 1969. The following link takes you to the original document but it is worth remembering that some of the facts stated here may have changed since the book’s original publication in 1969.

The original book has this introduction.

Foreword by the author

It was whilst recovering from an operation in this year of 1969 that I found time to write this small booklet about the beloved parish of mine, Starston. To obtain some information regarding the past, I have delved into several old books of reference at the Norfolk County Branch Library at Harleston, and much of the other details come from memories going back some 50 years. I thought that if I could make this presentable to the public, it might be held in posterity. As far as I know no one in recent years has attempted to print anything of the history and happenings of Starston.

Roy Riches

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